All players who seek to receive a sanction to the North American, New York or Canadian County Board areas must obtaininsurance cover from the GAA before a sanction can be granted.

This insurance cover will cost €40 and sanctions will not be processedgoing forward unless this insurance has been purchased, and receipt ofpurchase is submitted with a sanction application
Therefore, players who wish to receive a sanction to the NACB area, New York or Canada (or a Weekend Authorization in the case of NewYork) will need to purchase their sanction insurance where the  €40  fee can be paid by Laser,Visa or  Mastercard. After completion the player will receive areceipt by email. If the Sanction request is submitted by post, thisreceipt must be printed out and attached to the request; alternativelyif the sanction is submitted by email this receipt must accompany thesanction form.
Where an individual is not in a position to register online, Postal orMoney Orders to the value of €40 can be attached to postal requests.
I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that anyplayer who has been included on an Inter County Senior Championshippanel in 2012 (i,e. whose name is on the list submitted to the Refereefor a Championship game) is not eligible for a Sanction to the NorthAmerican County Board Area, unless he holds a valid J1 visa or meetsthe requirements to obtain same.